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RSR Submits Comments on EPA’s Proposed Rule to Retain Current Air Quality Standards

RSR Corporation submitted comments to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in opposition to the EPA’s proposed rule to retain the current national ambient air quality standards for lead. RSR disagrees with the decision as the current standard falls short of adequately protecting children from the dangers of airborne lead exposure. Read the full letter here.

Journal of Environmental History Highlights Dangers from Battery Exports

The January 2015 issue of the Journal of Environmental Health features a scholarly article that analyzes lead battery recycling practices and highlights the need for oversight of U.S. battery exports. In his article, professor Jay Turner provides a historic view of lead acid battery recycling and the dangers posed by irresponsible smelters and regulations allowing battery exports to Mexico. …Read the Rest »

Equal Times Exposes Mexico’s Toxic Lead Acid Battery Industry

The Equal Times has published an article showcasing the dangers posed by Mexico’s poorly regulated and toxic lead acid battery recycling industry

RSR CEO Robert Finn in American Recycler: It’s Time to Act on Battery Exports

In just the past decade, America has seen a stunning increase in the volume of spent lead acid batteries exported for recycling. According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Census Department data, from 2002 to 2013 the rate of U.S. exports of spent lead acid batteries increased by up to an astounding, and quite incomprehensible, 19,902 percent. Close to 20 percent of American spent lead acid car batteries are now exported abroad. That figure doesn’t include the export market for lead acid batteries used in battery backup systems or other uses. Last year alone, U.S. companies exported close to a billion pounds of these batteries overseas, with the majority (somewhere between 77 and 92 percent) going to facilities in Mexico.

RSR Corporation Commends IBM, AT&T, and Sprint for Refusing to Export Used Lead Batteries to Mexico

Robert E. Finn, President and CEO of RSR Corporation, today praised IBM, AT&T, and Sprint for their decision to halt the export of their used lead acid batteries to Mexico for recycling due to concerns that battery recyclers in Mexico fail to meet adequate health and environmental standards. This prudent decision, posted on, underscores the need for an immediate and complete ban on spent lead acid battery exports from the United States to Mexico and other developing countries.

RSR CEO Robert Finn in Waste Management World: Industry Must Take Action to Stop Battery Exports

The Lead Acid Battery Conundrum: With a limited lifespan, lead acid batteries such as those found in cars, form a significant and valuable waste stream. However, with lower environmental standards governing their recycling in Mexico, huge quantities are being exported there from the U.S. WMW asked representatives from industry and government for their views. Read Robert Finn’s response here.

Grist Explains the Dangers of Exporting SLABS to Mexico for Recycling

The environmental website Grist explains the dangers of exporting SLABS to Mexico for recycling.  Read the post here.

EPA Ruling Tightening Export of CRTs a Good Sign for Progress on Spent Battery Exports, RSR Says

The Environmental Protection Agency’s rule is a positive sign that the federal government is taking seriously the issue of hazardous waste exports. RSR commends EPA for its effort on CRTs and looks forward to working with it to address the export of spent lead acid batteries.

New Video Showcasing the Human Cost of Weak Regulation of Battery Smelting

Think Progress Shines Light on the Human Cost of Weak Regulation of Battery Smelting Toxic Toll of Kenyan Battery Recycling Draws Erie Parallel to Mexico’s Failure to Regulate Smelting Industry Says RSR Corporation June 26, 2014 – Dallas, TX— Earlier this week, the website Think Progress published a compelling story detailing the devastation brought about …Read the Rest »

RSR Submits Comments and Questions Strength of Mexico’s Proposed Standards

Leading U.S.-Based Secondary Lead Smelter Questions Strength of Mexico’s Proposed Regulation of Battery Recyclers Mexican Efforts Fall Far Short and Will Not Protect Human Health and the Environment June 23, 2014 – Dallas, TX—Today, RSR Corporation, an operator of three U.S.  secondary lead smelters, submitted comments to the Mexican government blasting its proposed secondary lead …Read the Rest »