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RSR Corporation’s Letter to EPA on CRT Exports

On May 17th, RSR Corporation sent a letter to the EPA’s Office of Conservation and Recovery which outlined the company’s concerns over the Agency’s focus on CRT exports while ignoring the much greater and long-festering issue of spent acid battery exports to facilities in Mexico.

EPA’s Effort to Regulate CRT Recycling Ignores Greater Danger

RSR supports EPA’s efforts to minimize lead exposure from consumer products, but questions its focus on CRTs while ignoring the greater threat posed from the export of used car batteries to Mexico

RSR Wins Sustainability Award for WESP Technology

RSR is the first and only company in America to modify the technology for secondary lead smelting.

RSR Corporation Praises Final CEC Report

“RSR is pleased to see the CEC make strong recommendations to curb this hazardous trade.”

Great Battery Roundup: Will It Result in More Battery Exports?

Exports of Spent Lead Batteries to Mexico Undermine Earth Day’s Premise April 3, 2013, Dallas, TX – RSR Corporation today released the following statement in response to AAA’s announcement that it will sponsor the “Great Battery Roundup.”  The statement is attributed to Robert E. Finn, RSR President & CEO: “RSR applauds AAA’s Great Battery Roundup …Read the Rest »

Story Exposes Government’s Failure on Lead-Acid Battery Exports

The March 26 report shows that the government lacks an understanding of where, when, and how many spent batteries cross the border.

RSR Praises Story About Spent Lead-Acid Battery Exports

Allowing the tsunami of lead acid batteries to continue to be exported to Mexican facilities sentences those working in or living near these facilities to a lifetime of increased lead burden in their bodies.

Statement on Release of Report by CEC

Following the release by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) of its report on the international transshipment of junk lead acid batteries, Bob Finn, CEO of RSR Corporation released the following statement:

“This report confirms there are serious problems with the export of scrap lead acid batteries from the United States to Mexican secondary lead smelters. RSR concurs with the CEC’s main recommendation that the bar must be raised, and that battery recyclers across North America must meet standards equivalent to those in the U.S. The CEC joins a growing list of well-respected organizations that have called into question this practice given the Mexican government’s weak regulatory oversight of its battery recycling industry. The report confirms that secondary lead smelters in Mexico do not conform to the same environmental and occupational standards as American recyclers, and until they do, American jobs will be lost and Mexican communities will continue to be harmed.

Pollution Engineering Praises WESP Technology

An article published in Pollution Engineering magazine on October 4, 2012 entitled, “WESPS Continue to Deliver” provides a well development overview of the benefits of using WESP technology. The article written by Michael Beltran makes the point that advanced designs for wet electrostatic precipitators excel at capturing acid mists, and particulates in diverse industries. To …Read the Rest »

Indianapolis Facility Hosts Tour with Government Officials

On August 30, 2012, RSR-Quemetco’s secondary lead smelting facility in Indianapolis hosted a group of representatives from the local media, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and Congressman Todd Rokita’s office. The presentation and tour focused on the drastic reductions in emissions achieved by the installation of RSR’s Wet Electrostatic Precipitator technology. A radio news story …Read the Rest »